RB Breighton (Rusty) Dawe

Professionally, Breighton has been a video game designer, on-line environment designer, programmer, project leader, manager for Atari Games (coin-op) and The Imagination Network (Worldplay), VP of Development for Miacomet, Inc., Chief Technical Officer for Katerra Corp., Meta4 Inc, and Datacaster Inc, plus Chief Infrastructure Architect for Explorati, Inc.  He is currently Chief Technical Officer for Geostellar, Inc.

In his alternative persona, he is a Reiki master, weatherworker, writer, and teacher. He has walked his spiritual path quietly as a solitary practitioner.  Breighton is a sensitive and conscientious healer and energy worker.

For Stone Circle Alternatives, he pursues a path in vibrational healing that brings both of his backgrounds in engineering and alternative healing modalities together in some new and unique ways.

The following pages offer additional information:


A current resume for Breighton (Rusty) Dawe, containing past work history, skills, and education.

 Geostellar: The Science of Solar:

A short video of Breighton describing the simulation/modeling done to determine the solar potential of rooftops across the US, all done with remote (satellite, LIDAR, ortho-imagery) data.

 CDGC Paper: Making 3D Work for Social Environments:

This is the complete paper written and presented by Breighton at the Computer Game Developer's Conference in March, 1997.

Game Gallery:

A description and history of games Breighton has designed and created (including some images).  Some of the games Breighton worked on (as Rusty) include: Cloak & Dagger, Paperboy, I Robot, and Thunderjaws. This page currently under construction...


Rusty in some of the more spectacular costumes he created and wore.  This page currently under construction...

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