Costume Masquerade DVDs

The videos listed on this page are provided as a service to the costuming community. Most of the masquerades are "oldies" but I feel are some of the best presentations (on video) of the art of costuming. The panel libraries, though almost 20 years old now, are still an incredible resource for any costumer and cover a huge variety of subjects.


All masquerades and panel libraries are now in digital format on DVDs. The masquerade DVDs now include chapter stops, progams, and scene (costume) selection! Video trailers for many of the masquerades can be found next to their description -- click on the preview picture to watch them -- you will need to enable the activeX controls for this page to view them properly.

Extra New!!! Trailers from many of the masquerades are now available for viewing online by clicking on the image next to the masquerade description... Also, you may now purchase online via Paypal by clicking on the order link!!

Index to our DVD selections:

CC6 Panel Library
CC8 Panel Library

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